Implementing sustainability as a jewellery designer and master goldsmith begins with the selection of my raw materials. Since I make each of my dreaMRings® and each piece of jewelry as an individual unique piece by hand, I can work with materials from different, sustainable sources.


your value

Your existing gold enables perhaps the most sustainable extraction of raw materials and the most transparent supply chain. Furthermore, passing on enduring values from generation to generation is a wonderful process with priceless, emotional value:

  • I melt down your gold jewelry, from the resulting gold bar I forge your new, permanent companion.

  • When reworking your existing jewellery I give your companion a new look. By adjusting the shape, engravings, gemstones I can give your piece of jewelry a new character.


Often I use recycled (remanufactured/ secondary) gold from my partner, which was the first German precious metal company to be awarded the Chain of Custody (CoC) certificate by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) as sustainable, socially and environmentally friendly.


This is a further building block in my entire supply and production chain for the following criteria:


  • No further large-scale environmental destruction in sensitive mining areas

  • No further contamination of soil or water with chemicals

  • No child labor

  • No inhumane working conditions



I process Fairmined Gold just as often, thus supporting local, community-based, responsible, artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM)... my and your contribution to promote this initiative.


The seal of approval, confirms the consistent compliance with:

  • Positive development in artisanal small-scale mining

  • Ensure a fair price to the miners and also a premium that helps transforming the sector and the life of the mining communities

  • Social development in the region and environmental protection

  • Responsible and conflict-free supply chains

  • The participation of small-scale mining in the global market


The Fairmined Initiative was founded by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), an international non-governmental organization considered a pioneer in its work with small-scale gold mining.

Green SUOMI washed gold, which is washed by small prospecting teams and individual prospectors from streams in Lapland, I use from time to time, because I also want to support this sustainable mining method.


The prospectors have organized themselves in the Finnish Gold prospectors' Association (LKL), whose goal is the certification of "Lapland Gold":

  • Washed gold from the nature reserve under the strictest ecological conditions

  • Raw gold with the highest content of fine gold without the environmentally harmful cutting process

  • Identity gold with proof of claim and batch



Conflict Free

The increasing commitment to sustainable concepts for the extraction and trade of gemstones finally gives me more opportunities to process fair products from fair, sustainable micro-mining and processing.


Partly I process fair sapphires, which for example come from a small, sustainable mine in Sri Lanka and my Oregon Sunstones come from the Occhocco National Park in Oregon.


I get my diamonds from my RJC tested and certified partner. This Council ensures responsible, ethical, social, environmental and human rights practices throughout the jewelry value chain.


The annual review of the COP (Code of Practice) also ensures that all specifications, for example on human rights,

Environmental impact and product descriptions complied with



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