If you want to create new footprints, you need to go your own way . . .

MR Jewels
jewelry exhibition with Chiara
goldsmith master celebration 1995
Inhorgenta 1995
goldsmith master award 1995
my master piece 1995
MR Jewels
My first studio 1991


25 years of learning and experiencing, trying new things and failing, trying again and succeeding, laughing and crying, searching for inspiration and working hard to survive, powering out all energy and recharging again . . . made me who I am today.


my office is my home base, where everything begins . . . marketing, researching, communicating, editing photos and doing all the wonderful paperwork which is part of my great job.


everything starts with a dream. In order to make it come true, you need to start planning, how you get, what you want. I love this process, because it is the first step to make it visible and tangible. 


it is almost like a relieve, when I can start  working with my hands to actually turn a vision into something you can see, feel . . . and wear.


sometimes, you need to melt something into a pure mass, in order to give new shape and new life to it. Some people call it disruptive, I call it my every day challenge.


it's so exciting and I never get tired of experiencing this wonderful phase of giving shape to raw materials. This  process is one of the reasons why I love my job.


everyone who is working with his hands, knows how wonderful it feels, when you have the right tool for the job. The best tools only come alive when you use them with rhyme and reason.


doing what I do and doing it the way I do, lead me to the awareness, that somehow... it's all about love. I kind of like this idea and try to live it every day.




it seems like wherever I go, my passion to find out more about people, nature and things ends up in finding ways to give new ideas form and purpose.

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Inhorgenta 1995